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In the past fruitful year, Studio Acht achieved multi-form works for aNother Festival in Vienna, Jeonju International Sori Festival in South Korea, and Weiwuying National Art Center Open Season in Taiwan. We also participated West Kowloon Producers’ Network Meeting & Forum (PNMF)  in Hong Kong, CLASSICAL: NEXT, Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS), Journey to Korean Music and Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance (ADAM) in Taipei. Basing this energy, we are grateful to highlight our 2019 schedule.


▶︎ The CHANNEL Project

This is a promotion platform for Taiwan musicians and composers, which focuses on in-depth communication with international networking and long-term partnership for co-production and exchanging project. It is supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation with a three-year grant, including one festival in Taiwan and several oversea collaborations. We hope the platform is the cornerstone that open-up more channels and also leads Taiwan musicians to see an extraordinary and unique vision.


▶︎ Weiwuying - Contemporary Music Platform (WCMP)

The artistic director of Studio Acht, Lin Fang-yi, is appointed as curator of WCMP. It is an ongoing plan that combines performance, training, experiment and international development. The platform consists of forum, masterclass, new piece development, Contemporary Music Ensemble Academy, and programs happened in every April as Weiwuying - TIFA(Taiwan International Festival of Arts.) It provides opportunities for domestic musicians to advance in their profession and establishes global networks.


▶︎ One More Festival

“One More” is our own festival which takes place at the end of every year. ‘OM’ is the voice of the universe in Sanskrit, that means the start of everything and the end of all. As our new festival brand, it highlights the tastes of Studio Acht. OMF is not only the window presenting contemporary music from the world, but also is a space meeting people and arts.


month / location / event

  • April / South Korea / Tongyeong International Music Festival

  • May / Germany / Acht Brücken

  • May / Germany / Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik

  • SEP / China / Shanghai Conservatory of Music New Music Week

  • OCT / South Korea / PAMS Performing Arts Market in Seoul

  • OCT / France / FOCUS of Institut Français


▶︎ Tuning(s) of the World

This is a project initiated by Thomas Bruns from Ensemble KNM Berlin. With the theme of various cultural aspects under the phenomenon of globalization, we will explore the aesthetics and definitions of music art in each country. Each participating country provides traditional or unique musical instruments and performance art materials to communicate with other countries. Composers are free to choose any National musical instruments and materials are created. This series will be premiered in Berlin and will tour around the world. As one of the cooperator, we will host the performance in Taiwan and present the VERY-FIRST of Karlheinz Stockhausen “Musik für ein Haus” in Asia,  with Ensemble KNM Berlin, Taiwanese musicians and composer.


▶︎ Liederzyklus

Let’s start with music, dance, and poetry! Musicians and dancers based on poetry as an interface to show the immediacy of improvisation music and contemporary dance. It challenges the listener's auditory memory between the moments. Dancers listen to music and dialogue with musicians. Throughout accumulating as improvisation, it becomes a complete structured piece of music in the whole auditory journey. In the fleeting time, all the movements convey ideas and now and echoes the instant. Like the meaning of Liederzyklus in Chinese - a joint song, multiple songs are independent and echo each other under one proposition.

The multi-theaters and festivals co-production project invites the legend musicians from South Korea, Miyoen & Park, play with the Taiwanese choreographer- Ming-Hwa Yeh and Hsiao-Tzu Tien. In 2020 Autumn, it will present in Taipei and Kaohsiung(Taiwan), as well as in Seoul.


If you are interested in anything and would like to know more,

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