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統營國際音樂節(Tongyeong International Music Festival)為亞洲重要且具代表性的年度性國際音樂節,其創始於 2002年。統營市為韓國作曲家尹伊桑之故鄉,近年來已成為東亞現代音樂重鎮之一。該音樂節每年一度的《Asian Composers Showcase》(ACS)主題音樂會,特定首演亞洲當代作曲家之新作。獲選作曲家乃是經由韓國歌德學院(德國文化中心)與該音樂節聯合集結歐亞重要作曲家與專業人士擔任評審,自全亞洲提名並嚴選出四位作曲家委託創作。

The Tongyeong International Music Foundation was established in 2014 not only to take over the management of the newly opened Tongyeong Concert Hall, but also to host the Tongyeong Intl. Music Festival (TIMF), to hold the annual Isang Yun International Music Competition, and to promote educational projects such as TIMF Academies, El Sistema Korea, and Kumdarak Music School. It also serves as a head office for the other halls of Tongyeong City- the Tongyeong Culture Centre and the Isang Yun Memorial Museum and Concert Hall.


A city devoted to art and culture, Tongyeong has long been home to artists in many different fields. Most outstanding were the the Korean composer Isang Yun (1917-1995) and the novelist Kyung-ni Park (1926-2008). Both of them have lived and worked in this city, attracting many others to follow suit and settle in

Tongyeong. With its backdrop of numerous beautiful islands, waterways and mountains, Tongyeong city provides plenty of inspiration and scenary for artists- the same way it attracts tourists to its many natural sights, its history and traditions.

Tongyeong International Music Festival has been established in 2002 as one of the most promising young festivals in Asia. At the birthplace of Isang Yun, the festival aims to be a musical and artistic highlight of the highest calibre, paying hommage to Yun and presenting world class artists, but also fostering young talent, especially young composers and musicians from Asia. Under the artistic directorship of Alexander Liebreich (2011-2014), the festival has also established its own orchestra, the Tongyeong Festival Orchestra. In cooperation with Goethe Institute Seoul, the annual „Asian Composers Showcase“ provides opportunities for young composers from asian countries to present their music to an international audience.


With the opening of Tongyeong Concert Hall, TIMF performances are no longer limited to its music festival, held annually in March and April. Regular concerts and educational projects are now being offered year-round to enrich the cultural life of this vibrant musical city.