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匈牙利于特福許當代音樂基金會(Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation)由國際知名之作曲暨指揮大師彼得・于特福許(Peter Eötvös)所創立,旨在培育青年作曲家與指揮家、推動當代音樂的發展。座落於大師故鄉匈牙利首都布達佩斯的基金會,每年號召國際知名音樂家們前來為來自各國的青年音樂家進行密集培訓課程、作品演練、大師講座等,從一對一的教學到小班制的論壇,不僅提供青年音樂家最實質的專業訓練,亦提供青年音樂家最佳的國際交流場域。


 Peter Eötvös established a new foundation in 2004 – under the name of Eötvös Peter Contemporary Music Foundation - which has been broadening the field of activity of the previous Foundation (est. in 1991). Besides helping conductors and musicians we undertook the supporting and promoting of young composers, musicologists, dramaturgs and the organizing of joint workshops for them. We assist and support their career into the music industry through organizing workshops, courses, competitions, concerts and projects.


The goal is not only to give professional training and support for artists but to promote information on contemporary music internationally, to establish eastern-western connections and to broaden the audience for contemporary music. Particularly, we would like to grasp the attention of the young generation – students within the higher-education – whom we’re trying to make our base of audience. In order to achieve this we’re announcing a series of interactive programs in which we’re inviting well-known musicians for an evening-lecture and also connecting it with other representatives from different fields of art such as writers, painters, architects, film-makers, etc.


The Foundation believes that it’s important for the audience to get to know “it’s own generation” within the music, as well as in architecture, applied and fine-arts, which is already in progress thanks to the technological inventions nowadays. The Foundation would like to increase the acceptance of contemporary music and also to establish a community-forming aspect to it. Music is a form of communication and information; its content and technique is placed in the ‘present’ just like everything else in our lives. It is high time to eliminate the word "contemporary" from the expression "contemporary music" - it should be music and quality in the first place.